The Lakeside Association Board, Foundation Board, staff and community would like to thank Dan Dudley for his incredible leadership as Acting President & CFO/COO this past year.

At the helm, he held steady, navigating Lakeside through uncharted waters and supporting a team that was able to deliver a new and different season, that has been described by many Lakesiders as one of the best ever.

Dan’s belief in the staff, volunteers and community allowed Lakeside to remain strong and come together.

“I have worked together with Dan Dudley for over five years and watched as he built trust and loyalty with the staff, board and community,” said Kurt Geisheimer, Chair of the Association Board. “Many times, I marveled as he brought order out of chaos and this summer is no exception. Dan is the finest operational leader that I have had an opportunity to work with, both in my career and volunteer work. Thank you, Dan for being a person of integrity and a humble servant leader for Lakeside.”

During his interim period, Lakeside Chautauqua was set to have one of its greatest seasons with new programming and operations, new opportunities for giving, and much more.

But when COVID-19 hit, Dan’s energy for building a more robust season turned to work through a crisis and moving Lakeside forward in the most successful and safe way possible.

Foundation Board Chair, Tom Jones shared, “I’ll give you four reasons why my appreciation for Dan Dudley is beyond words. Cora, Cece, Emilia and Ava, my four granddaughters. They were able to experience Lakeside this summer because of Dan. I’ll forever be grateful.”

We thank Dan Dudley for his service in leading Lakeside through its greatest transitional phase, and as he returns to his position as Lakeside’s CFO/COO, we look forward to his leadership alongside Daniel Rogers and the Lakeside staff as we chart out the next chapter for Lakeside.