Lakeside Environmental Stewardship Society

LESS is an association devoted to improving the environment of Lakeside and the world through:

  • Promoting environmental awareness through education.
  • Conducting activities at Lakeside that foster love for and improvement of the environment.
  • Encouraging the Lakeside Administration and Board of Directors to take environmental concerns into consideration for all activities.
  • Lobbying local, state, and national legislators to pass legislation to improve the environment.
  • Working with other environmental organizations to improve the environment.

Lakeside Community Compost Program

Are you interested in participating in the Lakeside Community Compost Program? Lakeside is fortunate to be able to use Barnes Organics Recycling as our hauler. Barnes is a Class II Commercial Compost facility and accepts much more than in backyard compost bins. Click here for a list of “Barnes Food Waste Do’s and Don’ts”.

For more information about the program, contact Bonnie Heikes at

Friends of LESS

LESS welcomes everyone interested in supporting projects and activities that promote sustainability and environmental stewardship with no dues for membership. LESS relies on donations for such projects.

If you wish to become a friend of LESS by making a gift, please use the donation form below. You may also donate by downloading the Friends of LESS form here.

Lakeside Survivor Tree

On April 26, 2017 a seedling from the Oklahoma City Survivor Tree was planted in Lakeside on the hill overlooking The Memorial Garden at Chautauqua Park. This small American Elm is intended to be a reminder to all of the faith, hope and strength of survivors who have lost loved ones. The survivor tree still thrives today.


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Frank Baker
Lakeside Environmental Stewardship Society President