Society of Old Salts

Society of Old Salts (S.O.S.) was founded in 1991 by 26 family members. Today, the organization has approximately 300 members. The mission of S.O.S. is to provide the resources for a safe, enjoyable and comfortable sailing club with a commitment toward continuous improvement. Members contribute the finances and countless volunteer hours to fulfill its mission. For complete information, visit their website at


The S.O.S. leadership team is committed to executing the mission and continuing to look for ways to improve the Lakeside Sailing Center experience. S.O.S. is proud to serve its members and provide strategic direction for the Lakeside Sailing Center to ensure its foundation for generations to come. S.O.S. welcomes new members and thanks current members for their ongoing support of one of the most active small boat sailing centers in the country. Download the S.O.S. Membership Application and join today. Read a 2020 Newsletter.

Summer/Winter Boat Storage

For those planning to store their boat during the summer or winter seasons at the Lakeside Sailing Center, download and return the 2021-22 Boat Storage Agreement with payment to: Lakeside Chautauqua, Attn: Watercraft, 236 Walnut Ave., Lakeside, OH 43440.

2021 Race Results

2021 Mouse Island Race Results — Last year’s race was held on Saturday, July 31 under light winds, which shortened the race course to a loop around the Green Can buoy marking the entrance to Middle Harbor Shoal about halfway to Mouse Island. We had a total of 22 boats and 27 sailors participating. The top three finishers in each of three classes were:

Laser – Single-Handed

  1. Jack Prior
  2. Drew Brucken
  3. Vic Jochem

Sunfish – Single-Handed

  1. Tom Prior
  2. Ben Brucken
  3. Ryan Johnson

Sunfish – Double-Handed

  1. Bob and Weston Sudomir
  2. Greg and Ryan Holzaepfel
  3. Brian and Jack Brucken

All three of the top double-handed teams were father-son combinations.

Assisting the race with three power safety boats from the Lakeside Wooden Boat Society were: Phil Savage with crew Kent Studebaker, Frank Baker with crew Tom Ramsdell, and Dave Park with crew Dan Fought.

Without their assistance, we could not safely offer this long-distance race. The Mouse Island race was sponsored by the Society of Old Salts and the Lakeside Sailing Center.

2021 Lakeside Sailing Regatta Results — On Saturday, Aug. 7, the 43rd Lakeside Regatta was held off the Lakeside dock and 37 boats participated across the categories of Junior Sunfish, Senior Sunfish, Laser, and Double-handed Sunfish.

Thanks is due to Skip Skolnik and Mike Haas for running the regatta and the countless volunteers who supported the event. The results of the regatta are as follows:

Junior Sunfish-15 and under (5 Boats raced)

  1. Ethan Johnson
  2. Will Apotsos
  3. Nick Hall

Senior Sunfish (14 Boats raced)

  1. Greg Holzaepfel
  2. Ben Brucken
  3. Tom Prior

Laser (10 Boats raced)

  1. Brian Brucken
  2. Jack Prior
  3. Drew Brucken

Double-handed Sunfish (8 Boats raced)

  1. Tom and Jack Prior
  2. Drew and Ben Brucken
  3. Greg and Ryan Holzaepfel

2021 August Cup – 22 Feet and Under

  1. Capri 22 “Passing Marks” — Skipper: Jim Meyer; Crew: Megan Berry, Mike Berry
  2. Chrysler 22′ “O’Chaska” — Skipper: Rich Waggoner; Crew: Don Monich, Carey Carter
  3. Catalina 22 “Pier Pressure” — Skipper: Jim McMillan; Crew: John Macintosh
  4. Catalina 22 “4AM” — Skipper: Dale Knobel; Crew: Gordon Brollier

Over 22″ Feet

Melges 24 “High Yield,” Skipper: Brian Brucken; Crew: Drew Brucken, Ben Brucken, Jack Brucken

  1. Alberg 30 “Halcyon,” Skipper: Mike Shoffner; Crew: Tim Graham, John Mueller
  2. Catalina 32 “Gratitude,” Skipper: Ron Jacobs; Crew: Celeste Cook Williams, Caroline Gatsch
  3. Morgan 38 “Priority,” Skipper: Tom Prior; Crew: Mike Haas, Brian Baesel
  4. Tartan 37 “Windemere,” Skipper: Dave Park; Crew: Cindy Park
  5. Hunter 356 “BB3,” Skipper: Frank Baker; Crew: Pete Baker



Michael Haas
Society of Old Salts President

Carolyn Fleischer
Society of Old Salts Interim Treasurer

Nancy Brucken
Society of Old Salts Secretary