Lakeside Board of Directors

Board Member Responsibilities

Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to guide the organization toward a sustainable future. The Board adopts sound governance and financial management policies and makes sure there are adequate resources to advance the Lakeside mission.

The Short and Long-Term Strategic Priorities approved by the Board of Directors in 2021 were:

  • Restore the safe use of the lakefront facilities.
  • Support annual operations, facility maintenance and capital expenditures with financial and fundraising plans.
  • Grow the customer base with a multi-year marketing plan.
  • Improve the guest experience through upgraded digital technology.
  • Engage future generations of Lakesiders via enhanced intergenerational self-discovery programs.
  • Create a clear set of historic preservation standards and processes.
  • Celebrate the rich cultural, historic and religious heritage of Lakeside Chautauqua through a season-long celebration of our 150th Anniversary in 2023.
  • Improve the entry experience and safe flow of traffic.
  • Prevent the further erosion of the shoreline and expand lakefront facilities and recreational programming.
  • Upgrade and expand guest housing facilities.
  • Develop and implement an asset management plan prioritizing upgrades of existing facilities and infrastructure.
  • Expand upon Lakeside’s traditional summer season.
  • Identify growth opportunities that support Lakeside’s mission and vision.

Click below to download a PDF document of the Board’s 2021 strategic priorities.

2021 Strategic Plan Priorities >

To apply for Board membership download a Board Application and return it to:
Lakeside Chautauqua, Attention: Board of Directors, 236 Walnut Avenue, Lakeside, OH 43440.

2021-2022 Lakeside Chautauqua Board of Directors

The Lakeside Association Board of Directors are dedicated volunteers, prominent business and professional leaders, friends and clergy who are willing to commit their time, resources and talent and bring a wealth of experience to the Board. According to board bylaws, the goal is to develop a diverse and representative Board with the skill sets needed to support the Mission and Vision of Lakeside.

There are currently 18 members, including three ex officio members. Ex officio members include the Pastor of the Lakeside United Methodist Church, the Lakeside Foundation Board President and The Lakeside Property Owners Association President. The full board meets quarterly and members maintain contact throughout the year during committee meetings. The elected directors can serve two consecutive three-year terms.

  • Jane Anderson, Board Chair
  • Jane Marx, Vice Chair
  • Yvette Van Riper, Board Secretary
  • Terry Tomlinson, Board Assistant Secretary
  • Cindy Mahl, Board Treasurer
  • Todd Fowler, Board Assistant Treasurer
  • Jeff Beach
  • Greg Buehler
  • Doug Bohl
  • John Fleischer
  • Gary George
  • Karen Graham
  • Robert Huntington
  • Thomas Jones, Lakeside Foundation Board President
  • Rachel Miller
  • Greg Moore
  • Scot Ocke
  • Rev. Doug Winner