Building Community since 1873

Over 40 Lakesiders are currently serving on the Sesquicentennial Steering Committee and subcommittees to plan the 2023 festivities celebrating Lakeside’s 150th anniversary! The summer-long celebration of Lakeside’s rich cultural, historical and religious heritage will bring the community together to honor the past, celebrate the present, and look to the future.
The committees have been meeting monthly since August 2021 and are formulating plans using valuable input from the community survey sent last fall. In addition to pursuing high profile speakers and entertainers, the committees are planning a book publication, timeline display, “heritage trail” marking key Lakeside sites, and potential partnership with PBS to produce a documentary. There are many more ideas being developed and information will be updated on this page regularly. Lakesiders are invited to submit programming and celebration suggestions to
In order to continue the planning and fulfill our commitment to providing high-level lectures, performers, a documentary partnership, and many family activities, we need your support. Join the Lakeside Chautauqua Sesquicentennial Society today by giving $150 to celebrate 150 years!

By making a commitment to give an additional gift of $150 twice in 2022 and once in 2023 for a total of $450, you can help Lakeside plan its season-long celebration without additional fees or impinging on an already tight budget. This commitment is respectfully requested as an increase or in addition to your normal annual gift to Lakeside.

To join the Sesquicentennial Society, click the link below and select “Restricted – Lakeside150.”


The Lakeside Sesquicentennial 150th Anniversary season-long celebration is planned to Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present and Look to the Future. The celebration will:

  1. Honor people, places, and events in Lakeside Chautauqua’s vibrant history.
  2. Celebrate the uniqueness of the Chautauqua experience for rest, renewal and spiritual revitalization.
  3. Encourage timeless Chautauqua principles for building and sustaining community.
Steering Committee

Chartered by Lakeside Board of Directors – August 2021

Co-Chairs: Randy Snow, Cindy Grimm

Subcommittee Chairs

  • Four Pillars: John & Mary Beth Porcari
  • History: Dave Boling, Mark Carle
  • Media & Publications: Linda Huber
  • Promotional Materials: Katie Choiran
  • Special Events: Peter & Debbie Stephens
  • Community Groups Liaison: Caroline Gatsch

At-Large Members

  • David & Ethel Bell
  • Roger Berkowitz
  • Bill & Nancy Carlson
  • Sean Gill
  • Dakota Harkins
  • Linda Huber
  • Peter & Debbie Stephens


  • Kip Greenhill
  • Charles Allen
  • Jeannie Fleming-Gifford
  • Gretchen Colon
  • Alex Stelzer
  • Shirley Stary
  • Mallory Glenn
  • Charlie Yoost