Sustainability at Lakeside

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are important to the Lakeside leadership, staff and community. In partnership with the Lakeside Environmental Stewardship Society (LESS), Lakeside has made great headway in protecting and preserving our community’s resources and natural habitats.

Stay tuned for additional information and updates regarding our dock and lakefront.

Sustainability in Lakeside

Focused on Zero Waste principles for Pollution, Waste, Energy and Water:

  • Bi-weekly Curbside recycling during summer months (2018)
  • Weekly Wednesday picnics in Perry Park established as zero waste events since 2019

  • “Skip the Straw” campaign (2018)
  • Blue community recycling bins added throughout community (sponsored by LESS)
  • Institution of the annual hazardous waste collection
  • Residential community composting program since 2021

  • Fundraising for a water bottle refill station in Bettinger Park (2021)
  • Caps for Kindness, a plastic cap recycling program resulting in three (3) park benches made from the caps
  • LED lighting transition (2020)
  • Replacement of AC units and hot water tank with energy efficient units
  • Two new parking areas and new location for the farmers market are using gravel only to maximize water absorption
  • Prairie garden and wildflower habitat established
  • Low flow shower heads added to the Fountain Inn rooms
  • Community Garden
  • Careful maintenance of tree canopy, including the planting of hundreds of trees (2004)
  • Tree Inventory
  • Tree City USA status for Lakeside
  • Tree Advisory Team (2011)
  • America in Bloom Award
  • Education programs for adults and children on a variety of environmental topics (2004)
  • Additional revetment to the lakefront splash pad and kiddie pool areas (2021)

Lakeside serves as a habitat for:

  • Redback salamander
  • Woodland box turtle
  • Red fox
  • American toad
  • Squirrels (red, gray, fox and flying)
  • White-tailed deer
  • Yellow warbler (and all the migratory warblers)
  • Birds — Sparrows (chipping, European, white throated), thrush grackle, starling, red-winged black bird, blue jay, cardinal, nuthatch, hummingbird and more)
  • Snakes (garter snakes, fox, North American racer, Dekay’s brownsnake, ring-necked snake, eastern milksnake, Lake Erie water snake)
  • Many invertebrates (ex: beetles, ant colonies, honey bees, worms, crickets, butterflies, moths)