Through raising their five children, who are between the ages of 9 and 17, Bob and Jennifer Schuler have witnessed the importance of Lakeside’s seasonal employment firsthand.

“My kids’ seasonal jobs at Lakeside gave them opportunities to learn responsibility, service and how to be part of a team,” says Jennifer. “Their jobs have taught them the value of working for something that you want and have instilled in them a strong work ethic.”

Bob and Jennifer love the family-oriented nature of Lakeside, as well as the community’s focus on mind, body and spirit. These reasons have led the Schuler family to choose Lakeside as their seasonal vacation destination. And during the summer months, their children work as seasonal employees.

The Schulers’ children have worked at local businesses, such as Bluebird Café and the pool and lakefront as lifeguards. Bob and Jennifer understand the importance of these positions to both the employees and to Lakeside and decided to give a donation to underwrite a student seasonal employee at Lakeside this summer.

“It’s so important to support Lakeside financially so that Lakeside can uphold its mission,” said Bob. “And one of the best ways we can ensure that Lakeside can uphold its mission is by ensuring that there’s sufficient staff to help carry out the events, programs, operations and maintenance.”