CLS: Award-Winning Documentaries Week

“Award-Winning Documentaries Week” is a joint program with Lakeside and new partner Chagrin Documentary Film Festival. From Aug. 22-26, watch new and innovative films in Orchestra Hall on a variety of topics and discuss them with the filmmakers.

“The Book Keepers”
Monday, 10:30 a.m. | Orchestra Hall
Director Phil Wall starts the week with his film “The Book Keepers.” Determined to keep his late-wife’s dream alive, Dick Wall, Phil’s father, becomes the unlikely spokesperson for her debut memoir and embarks on an unexpected cross-country promotional tour. On his journey, Wall is joined by his filmmaker son, who is torn between sharing his mom’s first book and his concern for how his dad is coping with their new reality. Setting off together on this powerful road trip experience, the pair will explore loss, grief, relationships and the healing power of sharing stories.

“Bringing the World: Global Focus Films”
Tuesday, 10:30 a.m. | Orchestra Hall
Three films will be shown during this session. “Growing Peace in the Middle East” is directed by seventh-grader Steven Hoffen. Viewers are introduced to the new hydroponics project in Sindyanna, Israel, which strives to create economic opportunities for Arab women.

“Love Reaches Everywhere” is directed by Sean Bloomfield. Scottish actor Gerard Butler embarks on a life-changing journey to see how his mother’s favorite non-profit organization, Mary’s Meals, transforms the lives of children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

“Rabari: The People of the Leopard” is directed by Ashwin Gokhale. This is a fascinating look into the lives of the Rabaris of the Jawai-Bera area in India and their relationship with the leopard, traditional migrant culture, and the environmental cost of unwanted industrialization.

“Ohio Homegrown”
Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. | Orchestra Hall
All five films in this session have ties to Ohio, including the Ohio premiere of “I Am” by director Hana LeBrew. Body consciousness, positivity and acceptance are showcased in this personal story about a woman’s journey into self appreciation, love and understanding.

“The Master Craftsman” is directed by Philip Sieb and takes a personal look into master carpenter Richard Grell’s woodworking skills, process and techniques as he crafts traditional Windsor Chairs from trees grown on his family farm — a labor of love for over 50 years.

Director Angela Xayavong’s “Shoe Bob” is another Ohio premiere. Known for his infamous, playful and often political window displays, local shoe repairman, Bob, takes us into the inner workings of his shop.

“We Still Make Things” is directed by Ian Cook. Determined to protect their frontline medical staff, leadership at a Dayton hospital lean into the city’s innovative and manufacturing roots to form an unlikely team of individuals to craft personal protective equipment (PPE) at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maddie Stambler’s “Who Fights for You?” is about a young African American man with cerebral palsy who questions ableism in society today, what independence means to him, and his ability to fulfill his call from God: to become a pastor.

“The Edge of Purpose”
Thursday, 10:30 a.m. | Orchestra Hall
Directed by Winslow Perry, “The Edge of Purpose” profiles nine individuals who have built unique routes to success by following their passions in relentless pursuit of finding meaning in life. Capturing the essence of the human experience, this deeply moving film is a unique exploration of what it means to have a purpose.

“People You Need to Meet”
Friday, 10:30 a.m. | Orchestra Hall
Six films highlight the final day of “Award-Winning Documentaries Week.” “We are Like Waves” is directed by Jordyn Romero. In Sri Lanka, young girls are expected to follow certain standards: be kind, look nice and smile. We follow Sanu as she breaks that stereotype to become a female Sri Lankan surfer.

Director Pia Strømme’s “Charlie Surfer” is an Ohio premiere and an Everyone’s a Critic Choice. This light-hearted documentary follows Charlie, a 10-year-old from the UK, as he navigates his individuality, living with Aspergers and feeling different from his peers.

“It’s Rocket Science” is directed by Rachel Knoll. Ky Michaelson has made more rockets than anyone else on the planet. This creative portrait takes a closer look at “Rocketman’s” achievements, struggles with dyslexia, and unique future.

“Lost in the Shuffle” is a world premiere film directed by Sophia Nino. In the difficult journey of grief, we often develop an attachment to the objects a loved one has left behind. In this moving short film, Sean is on a mission to recover a lost iPod shuffle, the last gift from his brother before his untimely passing.

Director Jamie Miller’s “MerBy’s” focuses on battling long held masculine norms, several Newfoundlanders come together in sparkly mermaid tails to create the 2020 “Merby’s Calendar,” a project that creates space for men to be their authentic selves.

Another Ohio premiere and Everyone’s a Critic Choice, “Renaissance Man” is directed by Carson Hunt. William, a 60-year-old former Army tank driver, who lives in the middle of nowhere with his cats, auditions for a Medieval Faire on a whim. The experience might give him the one thing he’s been missing his entire life… a family.

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