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Parent/Child Swim Lessons

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The Parent/Child Swim course introduces infants and toddlers (ages 6 months-3 years) to the water in a fun and loving environment. Parents or caregivers are taught effective techniques to teach their infants and toddlers how to float, submerge, move in the water and roll over to breathe. Classes incorporate songs, activities and water safety education. Parent or adult (18 and older) is required to be in the water at all times with each child.

Children will develop a foundation of swimming and safety skills with a focus on self-rescue:

• Trust and submersion

• Body positions and air recovery (includes rollover to back for air recovery)

• Forward movement and direction change

• Rotary movement (transitions from rollover to side position for air recovery)

• Integrated movement

• Age-appropriate safety skills such as asking permission, wearing a lifejacket, using flotation to make an assist, treading water and survival float.


Pre-registration is required at and the cost is $10 per child. Please note that registration does not include admission and parking fees that are required to enter the Lakeside grounds.

Private Swim Lessons are also available. Please email or stop by pool office for more information.


Jul 17, 2024


9:15 am - 9:45 pm


Grindley Aquatics & Wellness Campus
Grindley Aquatics & Wellness Campus
420 E 6th St, Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440, USA


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