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Wellness Seminar: Getting Started with Plant-Based Eating

As part of the weekly Wellness Seminar series, join Karen Brucken for “Getting Started with Plant-Based Eating” on Friday, Aug. 4. at 1:30 p.m. in the Fountain Inn Aigler Room. Please note the change of location. 

Changing the way you eat can be difficult. You may ask yourself, “Where do I begin?” After a short introduction to why a plant-based eating pattern is beneficial for your health, you’ll learn practical information to assist you on this journey. Setting up your environment for success, meal planning and menu ideas and resources will all be covered.

You’ll leave this seminar with motivational tools to get you started towards plant-based eating as well as simple recipes to begin preparing right away.

Karen Brucken has a goal as a health educator to teach you why the food you eat matters. Once you have solid evidence-based information, you’re then able to make informed decisions about your choices.

Her journey into this field began when she discovered Wellness Forum Health. Through their institute, she became certified as a Health Educator. Courses Brucken has completed include topics such as diet and lifestyle, weight loss, allergies and asthma, gastrointestinal health, children’s health, autoimmune diseases, supplements, cancer and how to critically review research.

She is also certified as a Food Over Medicine Instructor. This was accomplished with coursework created by Dr. Pam Popper, who supplied the research for the program and assisted in writing the book by the same name.

While working on growing her business, Empowering True Health, Brucken teaches classes and presents at meetings using the knowledge she has acquired. These range from how our food affects various chronic diseases to transitioning to the optimal eating pattern for humans. She offers a different approach and way to achieve true health. Its side effects include feeling healthier, having more energy, losing weight and being able to enjoy life for years to come.

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Aug 04, 2023


1:30 pm




Fountain Inn Aigler Room
225 Maple Avenue, Lakeside, OH, USA

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