The 1873 Fellowship is made up of dedicated Lakesiders who give a monthly gift to support the Lakeside Fund. These supporters are an integral part of the Lakeside community and make a significant impact on the Chautauqua experience. By committing to a monthly gift, 1873 Fellowship members help protect, promote and preserve special Lakeside traditions.

The 1873 Fellowship

collage of people from Lakeside OhioFrom its humble inception in 1873, to the thriving community we are today, Lakeside has been sought out by many for its inspiring opportunities. Thanks to the vision and tenacity of a group of faithful visionaries, insightful businessmen and dedicated locals, Lakeside has been a catalyst for opportunity: opportunities to learn, relax, enjoy the simplicity of nature, express creativity, be fulfilled spiritually, grow friendships, make lasting memories and relish time with family.

Nearly 150 years later, Lakesiders continue to embody the ingenuity of our founders and ancestors. Lakeside means opportunity, and members of the 1873 Fellowship are the advocates making it possible.

As a member of the 1873 Fellowship, you embrace the founders’ spirit by coming together to protect a place built on peaceful simplicity, everlasting hope and authentic community. Like our predecessors, the 1873 Fellowship members are go-getters, innovators and trailblazers.

Together, 1873 Fellowship members are Lakesiders who support the past, present and future of our beloved community. We invite you to reflect on the meaning of Lakeside and to consider creating opportunities by committing to a monthly gift. Year-round gifts have a lasting and deeply significant impact, helping to protect, promote and preserve the vision of Lakeside’s founders for years to come.

We invite you to join the 1873 Fellowship to carry on the spirit of Chautauqua.


– $250+/month – Hoover Auditorium Club
– $101-$250/month – Hotel Lakeside Club
– $51-100/month – Bradley Temple Club
– $10-50/month – Lakeside Pavilion Club

Join the 1873 Fellowship Today!

Establishing a monthly gift to support the Lakeside Fund is an easy way to increase your annual donation and reach a higher level of support. Monthly gifts allow you to give in manageable increments through convenient automatic deductions from your credit card, debit card or checking account. You are a member of the 1873 Fellowship if you commit to a monthly gift of any amount. We thank you in advance for making an impact on the Lakeside experience.

You can stop or change your monthly gift at any time by notifying the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation at or 419-798-4461, ext. 246.

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