Lakeside’s Heritage Trail

Over the past 150 years, Lakeside has developed timeless spaces that allow us to connect in community, slow the pace of life and reflect. 

To honor the history of these spaces, the Sesquicentennial Steering Committee volunteers have identified more than 30 locations across the grounds as part of an interactive Heritage Trail experience. Each location will be marked with signage and a QR code to access additional engaging content online. 

Starting at the Pavilion and ending at the stone pillars on Seventh Street, Lakesiders young and old will be able to take a self-guided walking tour while learning about the impact of each location on Lakeside’s heritage.

These historic buildings and outdoor spaces have enhanced the Chautauqua experience and allowed us to build community with places to gather, play, converse, pray, pause, heal and renew.

Special thanks to Mark Carle, Dave Boling and Beth Sibbring, volunteers of the Sesquicentennial Steering Committee, who have been researching, writing and building Lakeside’s Heritage Trail.

The following locations will be featured on the Heritage Trail.

  1. Dock & Pavilion
  2. Hotel Lakeside
  3. Firehouse (Laundry)
  4. Carroll Building
  5. Orchestra Hall
  6. Green Gables (Lakeside Women’s Club)
  7. Bettinger Park & Lake
  8. Steele Memorial Bandstand
  9. Bell Tower
  10. Ross Row
  11. Perry Park
  12. Keystone Guest House
  13. Heritage Hall
  14. Hotel Richards
  15. Administration Office
  16. Brick Store (The Fine Print Bookstore)
  17. WHMS Headquarters (Carrie Barge Cottage, Legacy House)
  18. Post Office (Maxwell House)
  19. Hoover Auditorium & 1st Auditorium
  20. Abigail Tea Room
  21. Gill House (222 Central Avenue)
  22. Bradley Temple
  23. United Methodist Church
  24. Wesley Lodge
  25. Wo-Ho-Mis Lodge
  26. German Auditorium (South Auditorium)
  27. Epworth Lodge (C. Kirk Rhein, Jr. Center for the Living Arts)
  28. L&M Railroad Station
  29. Stone Schoolhouse (Asbury Hall)
  30. Chapel in the Woods
  31. Maple Avenue Gate (South Gate/Stone Pillars at Seventh Street & Sycamore Avenue)