Lakeside Chautauqua is pleased to announce the re-opening of the Lakeside Laundromat under the new management of Jennifer and Ben Linville, and Sarah and Dan Rinaldo.

The Linvilles and Rinaldos are friends and long-time Lakesiders that decided to partner together to run the vacant business.

You may already be familiar with Jennifer and Ben’s other Lakeside business, Bluebird Café, which opened four years ago.

“My first day visiting Lakeside is when I fell in love with my now husband. I think that day set me up to understand that Lakeside is the most magical place in the world,” said Jennifer.

The Linvilles permanently reside in North Canton but stay in a seasonal campsite and very much look forward to spending summer once again in Lakeside.

The Rinaldos also found love in Lakeside. In 2008, Sarah and Dan met while participating in the Lakeside Team Triathlon. Three years later, they ran into each other while Dan was working at the Whistle Stop before joining the Army. While Dan was away at training, the two kept in touch, and Dan proposed to Sarah on the Lakeside Dock. The couple now resides in Marblehead year-round.

The families are looking forward to continuing the heritage that previous owners, Tom and Marcy Winkel established.

Sarah also added that Lakeside is a great place for the couples to raise their children.

“Having a presence in Lakeside allows a legacy for our kids” she said.

The Laundromat offers self-service, as well as wash, dry and fold service and commercial laundry service from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. daily in the summer.

It houses 10 22-pound washers, two 30-pound washers, three 60-pound washers, 10 30-pound dryers, four 45-pound dryers and one 75-pound dryer. The prices vary from $3-7 for use of the washers and 25 cents-$2.50 per six minutes of dryer usage. An attendant will be on hand throughout the day for assistance with the machines.

The wash, dry and fold service is available seven days a week for $1.50 per pound, with some bulkier items charged by the item. They have kept all prices the same as last year.

The couples also run the Campground Laundry, which is self-service and now open 24/7.

In addition to cleaning your laundry, Laundromat customers are welcome to use the complimentary Wi-Fi. There’s a 15-minute drop-off parking zone and two parking spots located in the front of the building, as well as four spaces in the rear for patrons.

For Marblehead and the surrounding area, a complimentary Laundry Pass is available from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. during the season. The pass must be stamped by the Laundromat attendant in order to exit Lakeside. See for details.

Linvilles and Rinaldos are excited to see what the Lakeside summer brings in their new business adventure.

“Here’s to Laughs, love and loads of laundry,” said Ben.

For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.

Lakeside Chautauqua is grateful to Tom and Marcy Winkel for their years of service working as proprietors of the Lakeside Laundromat. The laundromat has played a significant role in the Lakeside experience for many families, friends and guests. We wish Tom and Marcy luck with all their future endeavors.