Greetings from Lakeside!

On behalf of the entire staff, I hope your year is off to an enjoyable start and that you and your family are healthy and happy. The Lakeside team has been working diligently to ensure the upcoming 2022 summer season is exceptional. Below is an overview of what you can expect at Lakeside this summer:

  • An emphasis on programming quality over quantity with religious life, cultural arts, recreation and educational programs daily
  • Programming three to four days a week in Hoover Auditorium with Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays featuring entertainment and religious services on Sundays
  • Entertainment and religious life programming at the Steele Memorial Bandstand and Pavilion
  • On select nights, Walnut Plaza and Hoover Auditorium Porch will be used as entertainment venues. We believe the excitement, energy, and togetherness in these outdoor venues will create memories and further enhance our sense of community.
  • Exceptional customer service and clean, well-maintained buildings and grounds
  • Higher wages for seasonal staff in response to the labor market challenges and nationwide staffing shortages and Lakeside’s location in a seasonal tourist destination. It is our utmost priority to ensure our facilities are fully operational for you and your family. This essential and significant wage increase will result in increases in gate fees.
  • Operations improvements resulting in increased efficiencies and savings of tens of thousands of dollars. Many thanks to the former corporate Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the financial service specialist who donated their services to conduct an audit of the Finance Department, which has been historically understaffed. Their guidance has proved invaluable with software improvements and savings benefitting the entire organization.

I look forward to seeing you at Lakeside this summer and making memories alongside you. We want to create an incredible Lakeside experience for you and your family and want to hear from you about how we are doing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at the number below.

With excitement and gratitude,

Kip Greenhill
Acting President & CEO

Phone: 614.270.1434