We’re grateful to the many Lakesiders who joined together to make improvements to another beloved stretch of the lakefront: Perry Park. This park is home to many Lakeside events and pastimes, including Family Picnics in the Park, weddings, family reunions, playtime for kids, tennis and more.

Many improvements have been made to the space, allowing Lakesiders, friends, families and guests to better enjoy and utilize the park this summer and for years to come.

To support the growing crowds at Family Picnics in the Park, as well as family reunions and other gatherings, two large grills from Kaypark, Inc. have been purchased and installed. The addition of these grills was made possible by the Sypherd family who donated them in memory of Jacqueline Sypherd. Additionally, a paved area for the grills has been installed. Old picnic tables have been refurbished and new picnic tables have been purchased and placed to better accommodate gatherings held at Perry Park.

“I have always felt Perry Park exudes the most peaceful and renewing spirit,” says Chip Richter, God Squad leader. “The magnificent trees, the view of the lake and the islands, and the way the sunlight plays and dances through the park especially during the ‘golden hours’ of sunrise and sunset. It has been the perfect venue for the Wednesday Family Picnics in the Park for more than 25 years. We are excited for the days when health restrictions and mandates will lift so that we can properly enjoy the new renovations!”

Professional surveying and engineering services were performed last fall in Perry Park, and significant revetment work has been completed along the lakefront in order to strengthen our eastern shoreline and mitigate erosion. New flower beds have also been planted to adorn and beautify the space.

There is still more work to be done. Irrigation will be installed this fall, and spring plantings will round out Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile.

Lakeside would like to graciously thank Mark and Jane Grindley for their generous financial support of this project, which primes us for the future as we move forward and continue to maintain and enhance our waterfront.

To give a gift in support of Lakeside’s grounds or parks, visit today or contact (419) 798-4461, ext. 246 or