Admission & Parking

Lakeside Chautauqua is a nonprofit organization and year-round destination open to all for rest, renewal, growth and reconnection. Our Chautauqua programming season, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, invites you to nurture mind, body and spirit through purposeful programs in four Chautauqua pillars – religion, education, cultural arts and recreation.

Access to the Chautauqua experience

To provide you with quality entertainment, preachers, speakers, recreation, children’s activities and family programs throughout the summer and to maintain our grounds and historic facilities year-round, Lakeside requires guests and residents (between the ages of 5-89) to purchase a Chautauqua Pass and Auto Pass to enter the grounds between May 26-Sept. 4, 2023.

There are a variety of Chautauqua Passes and Auto Passes to choose from depending on the length of your visit. Guests ages 4 & under and over the age of 90 enjoy free admission. See details on the Admission & Parking Fee page.

Purchasing Chautauqua Passes & Auto Passes

Purchase Season Passes online beginning March 4. Purchase Daily and Weekly Passes online beginning April 1.

Benefits to Purchasing Passes Online

Because of your feedback to our Guest Satisfaction Survey, we made improvements to your experience at the gates, including the convenience of scanning Chautauqua Passes from your mobile device, the option to print passes from home, and the ability to forward passes to your guests.

We encourage you to purchase Chautauqua Passes and Auto Passes online prior to your arrival. By purchasing online, the Gate Attendant will be able to scan your mobile pass or printed pass at any gate. If purchased online, you’ll also be able to forward passes to your guests in advance.

Dedicated Season Pass lane

There is a dedicated incoming-only lane at the Fifth Street Gate for Season Chautauqua Passholders. A Gate Attendant will be available to scan passes upon entry. With the new technology and processes at the gates, we hope to make your experience and accessibility at the gates much easier.

Why is there a Preservation Fee?

A Preservation Fee is applied to only Adult Daily and Weekly Chautauqua Passes, $2 per adult per day if purchased online prior to your arrival or $3 per adult per day if purchased upon entering the gates. Please note: the Preservation Fee does not apply to Season Chautauqua Passes or Youth and Child Passes.

Lakeside’s facilities and grounds play a significant role in the Chautauqua experience every year. Across the campus, there are more than 80 historic structures and buildings, nine miles of roads and sidewalks, and extensive parks and grounds to maintain. This fee will be used to preserve and protect our historic buildings, grounds, amenities, shoreline, roads, sidewalks and infrastructure that have played a meaningful role in Lakeside’s past while carefully integrating improvements for the future. For more information, read the FAQs on our 150 & Onward page.

Why is there a Children’s Pass?

Children, like all our guests, take part in the enriching Chautauqua experience and use each and every facility on the grounds. As we plan programs for children, we not only have to think about the teachers and performers, but also the facilities, grounds and staff needed to implement each program. The cost to create the Lakeside experience keeps rising due to increases in supplies, travel, entertainment, utilities, speaker fees, staffing and maintenance and repairs for our historic structures and buildings.

In 2022, the Lakeside Board made the decision to charge a small fee for children, similar to your local zoos, aquariums, museums and other educational and enriching organizations. For more information, read the FAQs on our 150 & Onward page.

Entering the gates & select facilities

Please present your Chautauqua Pass to be scanned by the gate attendant when entering and exiting the gates of Lakeside. Passes are required for entry to Hoover Auditorium and the Grindley Aquatic & Wellness Campus Pool. Guests can present Chautauqua Passes and Auto Passes from their mobile devices or a printed pass.

Benefits of a Chautauqua Pass

Your Chautauqua Pass provides access to the Lakeside experience and a wide range of programming, activities, and services. View the value of your Chautauqua Pass.

Valid until 7 p.m. the following day

A Chautauqua Pass is valid for the purchase date until 7 p.m. the following day. Therefore, you’re able to take advantage of nearly two days’ worth of programming, activities and utilizing facilities. Where else in the area can you experience an engaging lecture, listen to a preacher, play shuffleboard, swim at the pool, participate in a wellness class, take a tennis lesson, see an art show, and listen to a live concert all in one day? The possibilities are endless to create a memorable Chautauqua experience.

Will Call

Will Call, for prepaid Chautauqua Passes and Auto Passes, is located inside the Welcome Center, near the Route 163/South Gate Parking Lot. Hours are 1-9 p.m. daily. Please note: there is no drive-thru window at the Welcome Center. Short-term parking is located outside the building. Please use the stairs or ramp from the South Gate Parking Lot to pick up Passes from the desk attendant. If you arrive outside of the Welcome Center’s operating hours, visit the Fifth Street Gate to pick up Passes.

Complimentary Passes

Short-term Complimentary Passes are available at the gates for a variety of events and activities. Please note that Complimentary Passes do not include access to Hoover Auditorium shows or the Grindley Aquatic Wellness Campus Pool and Wellness Center. Other conditions and Auto Pass may apply. For details, visit the Admission & Parking Fee page.

Partial Day Pass

An $8 Partial Day Pass, valid for 4 hours, is available at the gates to experience Lakeside. A Partial Day Pass does not include an Auto Pass or access to Hoover Auditorium entertainment or the Grindley Aquatic Wellness Campus Pool and Wellness Center. This pass is available for purchase at the gates upon entry and must be purchased before 7 p.m.