Children at Lakeside

Our mission is to nurture mind, body and spirit, and we believe that journey should start at a young age. To provide this one-of-a-kind experience to families at an affordable cost, children ages four and under enjoy free admission to Lakeside.

free for kids imageUpon entering the gates, we offer a safe environment for children to explore at their own pace – discover Bettinger playground, attend a God Squad session at Bradley Temple, watch a family-friendly show in Hoover Auditorium and make a splash in the pool at the Grindley Aquatic & Wellness Campus, all at little to no cost!


Children ages four and under enjoy free admission to Lakeside.  A wide range of programs, such as shows in Hoover Auditorium, spiritual services, educational opportunities, cultural arts events and recreational activities are offered daily.

child and parent imageThere are also several activities that are available for a nominal fee, including art classes at the Rhein Center, movies at Orchestra Hall, miniature golf, sailing lessons and more. Learn more about the programming and events offered with admission by visiting the Value of a Gate Pass page.

The quaint size of Lakeside provides an easily-navigable grid of streets lined with trees and friendly neighbors – perfect for exploring, bike rides between the Grindley Aquatic & Wellness Campus and the lakefront, or for finding the perfect spot to set up a lemonade stand.

My kids played along the beach of the world’s largest fresh-water lake, while I relaxed or played tennis… I marveled that despite having nearly 10,000 summer residents, crime is seldom heard of, and bicycles are often left about unlocked.
U.S. Embassy Nigeria Representative