Religion & Faith

Lakeside’s programming is built upon the four pillars of Chautauqua: religion, education, cultural arts and recreation. The religion pillar hosts a number of summer season programs, including Sunday Worship Services, Faith for Living Hour, Wednesday Family Picnics and Vespers by the Lake, as well as children, youth and teen ministries. Check the calendar for the most current listing of programs and events.

Complimentary passes are available for all worship services and Faith for Living Hour.  Visit our Admission & Parking page to learn more.  

Faith Walk Devotional

We are seeking writers for the 2023 Faith Walk Devotional.  Devotions should be between 200 – 300 words and tied to a “thin place” in Lakeside, where heaven and earth come close together and the presence of God seems especially near.  Submissions should include a Bible verse or short Scripture passage and a reflection question at the conclusion. Please send submissions to with “2023 Devotional” as the subject line.  Deadline is January 10, 2023.

Worship Services

There are a variety of worship celebrations every Sunday during the summer. Some are more casual than others, but all offer a wonderful spiritual experience to all who participate.

Preachers of the Week

At the heart of the Lakeside experience is the religion pillar; fostering faith in the Christian tradition. As part of our Preacher of the Week series, we welcome inspiring preachers to live in residence during the summer to bring spiritual enrichment to the community.

Family & Youth Fellowship

A point of pride at Lakeside is the abundance of opportunities for intergenerational family fun, and that includes Religious Life activities. Between God Squad for younger children or Faith for Living Hour for those who wish to broaden their Christian worldview, Lakeside offers activities to enhance the spiritual lives of all Lakesiders.

Local Churches

There are a variety of worship services located on the grounds of Lakeside. However, if you’re interested in exploring the spiritual community outside the gates or finding a site for a specific domination, we encourage you to find a church from this list.