Thanks to the passion and dedication of your family, friends and neighbors, the ambitious Annual Fund goal of $1,250,000 was not only met, but surpassed with more than $1.3M in donations! Together, the Lakeside community bridged the gap and helped to preserve, protect and promote cherished Lakeside traditions, the beautiful grounds, the historic structures and the beloved Chautauqua experience.

“This is the most money raised for the Annual Fund during a fiscal year in Lakeside’s history as an organization. It’s truly unbelievable that Lakeside raised this amount in funds, let alone during such a challenging year,” said Tom Jones, Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation Board chair. “It’s an incredible accomplishment by the staff, Foundation Board and community as a whole, and it is also a testament to our community’s love for Lakeside.”

Lakeside was concerned about incurring a substantial deficit this fiscal year due to COVID-19. In contrast, your generosity, valuable time, talent and resources, coupled with the Lakeside staff’s ingenuity and persistence, created a net surplus that is on target with Lakeside’s original pre-COVID-19 budget.

The monthly giving program, now called the 1873 Fellowship, has proved to be a vital initiative as it provides Lakeside with a steady stream of income all year round. As of March 31 this year, 70 families have committed to a monthly gift and are members of the 1873 Fellowship. Lakeside earned $78,050 for the Annual Fund during the 2020-2021 fiscal year from monthly gifts.

“Monthly giving is a wonderful way your family can engage with and support Lakeside even when you’re not physically on the grounds,” said Daniel Rogers, Lakeside Chautauqua president & CEO. “Monthly giving is critical to Lakeside’s organizational sustainability as this income helps secure our present and our future. Monthly giving provides Lakeside a dependable baseline of income that supports the Chautauqua programs and events you and your family love.”

The Lakeside Chautauqua Volunteer Corps has also been a success this fiscal year growing to 213 members!

Your committed and passionate generosity supported every aspect of what renders the Lakeside Chautauqua experience distinctive and unique. Lakeside staff members are grateful and appreciative to everyone who selflessly contributed their time, talent and treasure to maintain and improve the community. Your charitable spirit this fiscal year positively impacted hundreds of thousands of families and friends. The Chautauqua experience at Lakeside is only possible because of the collective support of Lakeside neighbors, families and friends like you. Thank you again, Lakesiders, for helping to keep your community financially sound this 2020-2021 fiscal year.