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Mary Ann & Dave Hirsch Retirement Celebration

The Lakeside community will celebrate the retirements of Mary Ann and Dave Hirsch at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, June 22 on the Train Station. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. RSVP NOW!

After working nearly 40 years combined in Lakeside, Mary Ann and Dave Hirsch have decided to retire. Their last day of full-time work was May 17. However, they’re not leaving Lakeside.

The Hirsches will continue to manage the Campground and Mary Ann will still run the Farmers’ Market, something she started in 2008. Those are things they plan to keep doing for the foreseeable future.

“We like the Campground,” Dave said. “We’re a family up there. Everybody knows everybody.”

The Farmers’ Market was Mary Ann’s idea and until last summer, it was on the gravel lot behind the Schoolhouse. She moved it a few yards away onto Sixth Street to make it more accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.

The Farmers’ Market continues to grow in vendors and popularity, and among the many available items are fruit, vegetables, baked goods and coffee. It runs Tuesdays and Fridays from June 11-Aug. 30.

“I love the Farmers’ Market,” Mary Ann said. “I started that with six vendors on Walnut Plaza, now we have 18 this year. The y’re all like family and they all watch out for each other.”

Mary Ann and Dave were introduced to Lakeside in the summer of 1977 when visiting in-laws at their rented cottage. The following summer, the recently married Hirsches rented their first cottage and did that every year until 1999. After being on the waiting list for seven years, they moved to the Campground, the same summer Mary Ann began working at Lakeside.

Mary Ann accepted the job even though she had a 70-minute commute from Cleveland suburb Newburgh Heights. Despite the drive, the decision to work at Lakeside wasn’t difficult.

Mary Ann has worn many hats during her 25 years working for Lakeside. She worked the front desk during the summer before being promoted to executive assistant to then-president Kevin Sibbring in 2005. She worked directly with the Lakeside Association Board of Directors, community members, volunteers and donors. She has spearheaded events like Spring Cleanup Day, the Memorial Day ceremony, the Fourth of July Parade and the Plant Sale.

She has also worked in guest services, gates, shuttles, the Campground, housekeeping, events and as the Director of Guest Services. Her last full-time role was Advancement Coordinator in the Legacy House, where she handled the front desk and bank deposits.

Mary Ann is the smiling ambassador for Lakeside in everything she does. She lends a helping hand throughout every facet of the community because she loves the mission and what Lakeside is all about.

“You name it, I’ve done it,” Hirsch said. “You just kind of fill in and do whatever.”

Dave worked in food service in 2006 and returned to Lakeside to work in Maintenance in 2012. Over the last 12 years, he could be found working all over Lakeside, usually donning a Cleveland Browns hat.

He’s done almost everything — changing light bulbs, plumbing, electrical work and remodeling. His main duty during the winter was maintaining the Fountain Inn.

Dave has nothing but good things to say about his supervisor, former Vice President of Municipal Services Dave Geyer, who also retired prior to the start of the season.

“My boss has been great,” Dave said. “That’s what makes your job a lot easier. We just did whatever projects he gave us.”

The Hirsch’s oldest child, Paul, graduated from high school and was working before Mary Ann took the job at Lakeside. However, their other kids took advantage of employment opportunities inside the gates.

Chrissy worked at mini golf, the gates, events and the front desk. Michael started at shuffleboard before moving on to Sypherd’s Cycles. Michael is an avid shuffleboard player and became an international champion and is recognized for it at the Bettinger Park Shuffleboard Courts. He was inducted into the International Shuffleboard Hall of Fame at age 30 in August 2022.

Mary Ann and Dave have seven grandchildren, adding another generation of Lakesiders to the Hirsch family. While the Campground is a 24/7 job during the season, retirement will free up some time for Mary Ann and Dave to spend with family at home and in Lakeside.

The Hirsches are looking forward to doing Lakeside activities they couldn’t participate in as full-time employees. They both plan to attend more Hoover shows and go to dinner with other campers. Dave wants to fish off the Dock while Mary Ann will participate in more Rhein Center classes. They also plan to do more traveling.

“We’ll be able to pick up and go if we want to go,” Mary Ann said. “We are already talking about where we can go next.”

Dave added, “It will be nice in the fall. We can go home.”


Jun 22, 2024


5:30 pm


Train Station
Train Station
710 Central Avenue, Lakeside Marblehead, OH, USA

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