CLS: Cecile Brennan

What Does It Mean to Be “Well”

This presentation will begin with a holistic concept of wellness that takes into account physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness. A brief description of each component of wellness will be presented, and participants will become acquainted with some of the recent research into what constitutes wellness.

This introduction to wellness will be followed by a more in-depth description of some of the major components of physical wellness: eating, sleeping, exercising, and attention to body “history”. Participants will be encouraged to assess their own physical habits and determine what is working and what would benefit from a change of habit.

As with all the lectures, the goal is for participants to have ample time to ask questions in order to fully engage with the material being presented.  While each lecture focuses on an adult audience, the differences in wellness goals throughout the lifespan will be mentioned

 About Cecile Brennan:

Cecile Brennan is a licensed professional clinical counselor with a supervisory designation, a counselor educator and a clinician in private practice.  She is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Counseling at John Carroll University.  During her time at John Carroll, she was the first chair of the newly established Department of Counseling, developed a certificate program in Spiritual Wellness & Counseling and helped establish the substance-use disorder concentration and certificate program.

In addition to her work with John Carroll University, Dr. Brennan is an employee assistance counselor at Moore Counseling & Mediation Services.  She meets with clients individually and presents webinars and in-person workshops.

Dr. Brennan also has extensive experience in the field of education.  She has worked with children from elementary school through high school as both an educator and a counselor.  This depth of experience has led her to present professional development workshops for teachers, school counselors and administrators.

Dr. Brennan’s primary areas of scholarly inquiry are counseling ethics, the interface of spirituality and counseling, the socio-cultural context of mental dysfunction and wellness and mental health.  Dr. Brennan is active in a number of professional organizations and regularly presents at local, state and national counseling conferences.  In addition, she has written a number of scholarly articles and book chapters.

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Jul 26, 2022


10:30 am - 12:00 pm




Orchestra Hall
Orchestra Hall
122 West 2nd Street, Lakeside, Lakeside Marblehead, OH, USA

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