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Historic Portrayal: Georgia O’Keeffe

Thanks to Women in History Ohio, a nonprofit dedicated to the education of all people through the dramatic re-creation of the lives of notable women in history, we will be visited by Georgia O’Keeffe, portrayed by Ruth Pangrace. This Historic Portrayal will take place at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 29 at the Steele Memorial Bandstand.

In the case of inclement weather, this event will be held in Orchestra Hall.

O’Keeffe was a revolutionary American artist. Known for her stylized paintings of New York skyscrapers, New Mexico landscapes and enlarged flowers, she is often referred to as the Mother of American Modern Painting.

She achieved worldwide acclaim for her constantly evolving modernist style.

Places had more impact on her work than people, and she found her place in the American Southwest, New Mexico at Ghost Ranch.

Pangrace joined Women in History Ohio in 1998 and portrays 12 notable American women.

She taught preschool to grad school students for 30 years and is now a retired Lakewood language arts and social studies teacher who also dabbled in community theater.

Currently, she volunteers at The Hope Center for Refugees, working with newcomers who have a rich history of their own.

Pangrace lives in Rocky River, Ohio, has three grown children and three granddaughters, hopefully future Women in History.




May 29, 2024


7:30 pm




Steele Memorial Bandstand
Steele Memorial Bandstand
132 Park Row, Lakeside Marblehead, OH, USA

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